About Me

R.A. Crawford has always been a big time sci-fi and fantasy fan. Most of his childhood was earnestly consumed by weekend-long Final Fantasy marathons, movies he certainly wasn’t old enough to watch, and books borrowed but never returned to the local library.

After years of procrastination and despite working full-time his passion for rich space opera and high fantasy storytelling led him to finally put pen to paper on his debut novel. The resultant book, PULSE: The Trial, is the first in a series of books centered around an all-female galactic society.

Having never quite grown out of Star Wars novels, Star trek episodes, Green Lantern comic books and Final Fantasy video games Ryan currently resides in Surrey - UK where, along with his wife, he embarks on the journey of teaching his two children why Gimli is the best character in LOTR.

I always wanted to create something but never seemed able to find the time and dedication to pull it off. However, like all parents, after the birth of my kids I was granted control over time and space and became ten times more efficient at getting shit done.

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