About Us


When you're a writer and you read 10 books a week to your kids, your creative wheels start turning. My dream was to create something that my family and other families like us could be inspired by and enjoy together.

Of course, while I write like a scholar and rhyme like a pop star, I have the illustrative talent of a newborn baby. That's where my buddy Kayla came in.


As a kid, I could always be found doing one of two things: drawing cartoons or playing dress ups. I have a vivid memory of doodling at the kitchen table wearing a full face of clown makeup. So when Ryan asked me to illustrate a story about girls going on imaginary adventures, it was a match made in heaven.

Bringing these scenes of superheroes, wizards, astronauts and pirates to life was like drawing my own childhood adventures. I only wish I’d done these drawings wearing clown makeup too.